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PCOS is a complex condition in which “women’s hormones” are out of balance. They have high insulin or male hormones or both. It commonly affects females between adolescence and menopause.
Common Symptoms:

  • excessive body hair & acne

  • male pattern of alopecia

  • irregular periods

  • ovarian cysts

  • obesity & difficulty losing weight

  • fatigue

  • mood changes

  • gut symptoms

Long term effects include:

  • Infertility

  • Metabolic syndrome (Type 2 diabetes, Central obesity, Insulin resistance)

  • Hypertension & Cardiovascular complications

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Endometrial Ca

PCOD can be managed with medicines & life style modification which includes:

  • Physical activity

  • eating healthy

  • improved sleep

  • stress management

Even 5-10% weight loss gives significant health benefits.

Seeing the magnitude of PCOD in Kashmir, PCOD Clinic which was started in 2017 is committed to treat, support, cause awareness through support groups & regular Life style counselling gives hope to many young women and their parents. A Multidisciplinary approach is most beneficial for such patients. Our team constitutes of GPs, Gynaecologists, Nutritionist, Life Style & Weight Management Consultant, Exercise specialist, Clinical Psychologist, Fitness trainers, therapists & Nurses.
TELE CONSULTATION with Kashmiri American Licensed doctors who are experts in the field of PCOD / PCOS.


How to become a part of PCOD Clinic?

  • Register online or at reception.

  • A detailed history & examination will be done.

  • Previous Lab reports, treatment plans & progress is registered.

  • Tele consultation appointment is fixed. You will reach clinic 30 min earlier.

  • Follow up dates are conveyed.

Referral Clinics:


  • Life Style Disease Clinic

  • Infertility Clinic

  • Mental Health Clinic

  • Diagnostic & USG Clinic

Support Group: 
Polycystic Ovarian Disease support group has been created by our doctors to support your journey with PCOD / PCOS as you navigate lifestyle changes & treatment options.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-15 at 12.57.53 PM

Wasima Masoodi MD, FACE

Diplomat American Board of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Los Angeles, California USA


Salma Iftikhaar (Sayeed)

Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic.

Rochester, MN USA
Specialist in Internal Medicine, Women's health & International Medicine.

Indian registration no. 3315

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-23 at 2.02.48 PM

Sabreena Basu MD,

Diplomat American college of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.
Emory University Atlanta, GA. USA.

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